The eMODE Learning Foundation

About Us

Our mission is to create a nationwide mathematical renaissance, by teaching advanced math concepts early, through “Experiential, Experimental, Enrichment™”.

We envision students prepared to be successful in their public and private school classrooms. We equip students with the requisite number sense and arithmetic skills that will prepare them to study formal algebra, along with a serious introduction to basic calculus concepts in, or before, 6th grade.



Norman Alston is an educator and mathematician who has taught courses in early algebra, debate, stocks, current events, chess, and Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, to elementary school children in the Rainier Valley, the Lake Washington, Seattle and Philadelphia Public School Districts for over 15 years. He is well known to have an innovative, charismatic and unconventional approach to teaching.

Mr. Alston is the founder of Moving Beyond Arithmetic, a non-profit organization committed to accelerating the learning of mathematics in our country’s elementary and middle schools.


Leadership Team

The eMODE Learning Foundation has gathered a remarkable team of professionals from diverse backgrounds to engender our educational enrichment vision.

We are honored to share in the expertise of distinguished educators, project managers, CPA’s, senior attorneys, senior executives from major corporations and non-profit foundations, grant writers and top software developers, photographers and graphic artists, as well as business, marketing, outreach, management and organizational consultants. And, of course, their children!